Providing a variety of fine products for Cross Stitch, Counted Thread
and Fine Needlework.

When we closed our needlework business 3 years ago, after 34 years of having a shop, we planned to retire and do various other things, including being involved with a local cat and kitten shelter/rescue.

The love of needlework has always been there and now we finally have time to go through all the crates and boxes that were packed away and stored for years. We've discovered an incredible amount of needlework supplies and related items, including some things that have been discontinued or out of print for years.

There are charts, fabrics, a variety of threads and silk ribbons, finishing products, frames, baskets, kits, sewing accessories -- and we still have a lot of boxes to go!

We are using Ebay to sell these items and the proceeds will go to support the cat shelter. If you would like to be notified by email when we add new items, or are looking for something special that we may have, please do let up know.

Thank you for your support over the years,

Carl & Lydia      

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